"A drip campaign is a series of emails that are sent in a specific order at predefined intervals," writes Liz McInnis at BuyerZone. You might use campaigns to educate, nurture new leads or cross-sell to customers. Whatever your goal, her bits of advice, like the following, are likely to be useful:

Go light on self-promotion and heavy on valuable content. "Know what your prospects are interested in and offer ideas and solutions to their problems," she says. "Hint: they don't want to hear you talk about yourself all the time."

Format your content for mobile devices. Prospects who open email on iPhones or BlackBerries, but can't easily read your message, are unlikely to track your email down when they're back at their laptops.

Proofread your message. Then proofread again. If you let a grammatical error or a broken link escape your attention, why should a prospective customer let you manage a major project?

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