Just as fixing technical issues at your website is an important part of search engine optimization, notes Joost de Valk in a recent post at the Yoast blog, so, too, is optimizing your site's overall structure.

Site structure helps search engines understand your site's "topic" and more easily find and index relevant content, de Valk reminds us. "By creating a good structure, you can use the content you've written that has attracted links from others, and ... spread some of that 'linkjuice' to the other pages on your site," he explains.

He offers tips like these for optimizing site structure:

Visualize the overall map. Using tools like Visio or Excel, map all the pages and sections in your site as a tree. Make your site structure look like a reasonably balanced pyramid, with 2-7 main sections, Valk advises. No section should be more than twice as large as any other section, he notes.

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