You've heard of website community managers, but what about content officers? Those are the folks responsible for your site's content—what it looks like, what it reads or sounds like, where it goes in terms of subject matter or throughout the social universe.

MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley has written a piece on 11 skills to look for when seeking a content officer. Besides editorial skills, journalistic training and business acumen, here are the social skills that a chief content officer (CCO) needs to have:

Digital intuition. Good content creators "get" the Web. Handley quotes HubSpot's Rick Burnes: "If you don't intuitively understand the dynamics of [its] ecosystem—how Twitter can drive traffic to a blog; the kinds of headlines that attract attention; the simple things you can do to build blog subscriptions—you won't be able to help your company attract online visitors."

Amateur passion. The root of "amateur" is the Latin word for "love," Handley notes. The key here is to find people already producing content because they love to do it. Does your candidate maintain a blog, produce videos, share Flickr videos? Is he Twitter-savvy (and active)? People with a passion for content produce it even when they're not being paid.

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