In an interview at Adweek, Google's Head of Global Ad Marketing Lisa Gevelber explains the mission of Think Quarterly, the company's new business magazine. Google realized that "a lot of our partners wanted access to the same kinds of insights and conversations that inform our decisions and strategies," Gevelber says. "So we wanted a way to bring that to life."

Think Quarterly began as a mobile mag, then moved to an online version. A "limited edition" print version was mailed to a select few U.S. "clients and partners" in July.

A popular article in the current issue is "The Eight Pillars of Innovation" by Google's "Employee 16," Susan Wojcicki. She explores how Google keeps its in-house atmosphere as exciting as it was back when she joined the company as its 16th employee.

Among Wojcicki's keys to maintaining innovation:

Think big but start small. Case in point: Google's Founder Larry Page got the idea for Google Books years ago. His first baby step? He bought a scanner and began scanning pages one at a time. "Today, our Book Search index contains over 10 million books," Wojcicki says.

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