This summer, Google+ cannonballed into the middle of the social networking pool. Whether it's the next big thing is still open to debate—but here's why Google+ matters to you: "Someone adds you to a circle? Get an email. Tags you in a photo? Get an email. You get the point," writes Julia Peavy at The Magill Report. "Not only does this demonstrate that email is not dead, it means email marketers need to ensure their messages are more relevant and targeted than ever to stand out in the crowded inbox."

But there's more. If Google+ becomes a major force—and adds business profiles—you need to be ready with a comprehensive action plan. Peavy suggests asking these questions:

  • Will you create "add us to your circle" email campaigns?
  • Will you offer incentives?
  • How will you incorporate +1 sharing icons in your email templates?
  • Will you include +1 sharing icons on all content, or selectively?

You can also prepare for Google+ campaigns by:

Creating a Google+ account. Get a handle on functionality and usability by using Google+ on a personal basis. Invite your friends to join, create circles and observe how your +1 displays content.

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