Often, the lessons we learn while working in one medium can be put to very good use in another. And Tracy Gold uses a post at the Marketing Trenches blog to examine how the traits of good email copy can enhance the quality of your content marketing. So before you create your next article, whitepaper or brochure, consider advice like this:

Use numbered lists, rather than bullet points or multiple paragraphs. "Numbered lists and sections make blog posts easier for you to write and easier for your audience to digest," notes Gold. We understand the irony of making this suggestion while not following it—but we probably would if customers called to ask about specific points in our newsletters.

Include a clear call to action. You wouldn't send an email offer without asking the recipient to do something. Your content marketing should include similar calls to action—a request, say,  to comment on a blog post, follow you on Twitter or fill out a form to register for a free demo. "Ask in a clear and confident way just as you would when writing to your coworkers," she recommends.

Copyedit content marketing as vigorously as email copy. In the more casual atmosphere of social media, it might be tempting to dash something off. But typos and grammatical errors can still have a negative impact on your image—so have an editor read anything before you hit "publish."

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