When subscribers are receiving your general newsletter, what's the best way to get them registered for a newly launched supplement that focuses on a more specific topic?

In a post at Email Karma, Matt Vernhout examines the pros and cons of just such an outreach from Beyond the Rack:

"To keep you on top of what's on sale at BTR home," the message to current subscribers reads, "we've created this new email that you'll receive around Noon ET every day, in addition to your trusty BTR email which will still be delivered an hour or so earlier." Below that statement, subscribers find a sample of the new e-newsletter, and buttons for two clear options:

  • Click here to stay informed about BTR home events with this new email
  • Click here to only receive the regular BTR email

According to Vernhout, the message excels at:

  • Defining the frequency and timing of the new campaign
  • Explaining a subscriber's options
  • Making it easy to choose one option or the other
  • Including a full sample of the new content

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