"If you are a large-volume sender of email, you should be signed up for all the feedback loops that are available," writes Tom Sather in an article at MarketingProfs. "Why? Because feedback loops are a great way to … increase customer satisfaction, and reduce sender questions and end-user complaints."

While feedback loops were originally used by ISPs to identify abuse, they're now available to email marketers who want to improve the performance of their campaigns. And it's worth your while to pay attention to what the loops are telling you, because many subscribers may flag your messages as spam even though you follow email marketing best practices.

They might, for instance:

  • Consider your content irrelevant
  • Find the unsubscribe process too complicated
  • Receive too many messages
  • Believe they never granted you permission to send them messages

Whatever the reason, fair or not, each complaint damages your reputation. So it's important to remove anyone who complains from your list—and sooner rather than later. Sather offers this advice for covering all the feedback-loop bases:

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