Should you conduct search engine optimization in-house, or should you hire an outside agency to do the heavy lifting? It's a question you've probably asked your team before—and each solution has its pros and cons.

In a guest post at the Future Buzz blog, Justin Champion of Search Mojo makes the case for hiring a tier-one digital agency.

Here's an overview of his main points—illustrating why hiring outside help could help lower your in-house stress levels:

It's the agency's job to stay on top of developments. There is nothing static about the SEO landscape. "[U]pdates to search algorithms can alter rankings and visibility as well as create new opportunities to help your brand stay ahead of the competition," Champion notes. For that reason, someone needs to be monitoring those changes 24/7.

They know the tricks of the trade. An agency pays for the most advanced diagnostic tools, and knows how to use them; An in-house SEO specialist may not be able to match such a breadth of resources.

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