Even when elements of your email campaigns deliver strong results, there's always a chance you can do better. Consider the case of a tried-and-true call-to-action (CTA) button used by HubSpot.

During a slight redesign, the inbound marketing firm decided to test a few alternatives. "We were pretty shocked to discover that the new call-to-action buttons and page yielded a 1,300% improvement in click-through rate (CTR)," reports Andrew Pitre.

When creating your CTA button, consider Pitre's advice like this:

Obsess over design. "Should your CTA be large or small?" Pitre asks. "Should it contain an image or not? Should it look like a button or maybe a physical object? What's going to resonate best with your audience?" There are no set rules; you'll only discover what appeals to your customers through A/B testing.

Choose colors carefully. Different colors mean different things to different people. The color red, for instance, has a variety of connotations that might create a number of impressions—from eye-catching excitement to worrisome concern.

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