Not every potential buyer approaches your business with the same enthusiasm or interest. In a MarketingProfs article, Paul McKeon identifies the four stages of the B2B buying cycle—and how to produce content specific to each one.

The unaware buyer. "Content for the unaware buyer must be interruptive. It has to cause would-be prospects to do a double take and change their minds about what you have to say," McKeon points out. Get their attention by speaking to their strongest emotions: What scares them? What makes them laugh? What touches their heart? Develop buyer personas so you can answer those questions and create content that speaks to them.

The tentative buyer. Give potential buyers the content they need to make an educated decision about your company. "Lead with learning, and ditch the pitch," says McKeon.

The engaged buyer. This person is already interested in your business, so validate his opinion of you by meeting his expectations. "Now is the time to confirm the engaged buyer's good impression, answer questions and objections, make your offering compelling, and—most of all—help the buyer feel safe," McKeon says. Share case studies, articles, and product-comparison charts showing how well your product stacks up against the competition.

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