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Four Mobile Email Myths You Need to Bust Right Now

April 4, 2012  
"With the increase in smartphone adoption, there's been a lot of talk lately about mobile email," writes Anthony Schneider of Mass Transmit. "Some of it is brilliant. Some of it's baloney."

In the latter category is the notion that teenagers are the only ones reading email on mobile devices. Not true, he argues: Nearly half a billion people check their email on the go, and 20% of email is opened on a smartphone. Further, both numbers are sure to rise.

Schneider goes on to discuss seven other mobile email myths, including these:

  • Mobile is only for large corporation's emails. "Big companies may get there first because they have the resources, but mobile email is no longer a choice," he says. Your competitors will begin to format for mobile devices—if they haven't already—and that means you must, too.
  • Mobile email design and programming is easy. While it isn't overly difficult, neither is it simple. Schneider links to some helpful tips from designers that should start you on your way.
  • We only need to worry about iPhone users. It's true that iOS devices currently account for 85% of mobile email opens, but Android claimed nearly half of the smartphone market in 2011. Your messages need to render on all major platforms.
  • We can't track results for mobile users. Untrue. Most smartphones use a mobile email client, Schneider notes, like MailDroid, Apple Mail, or GMail, and open rates, clickthroughs, and the like are trackable.

The Po!nt: Get up and go mobile! Don't let a mistaken belief in mobile email myths hurt your bottom line any longer.

Source: Mass Transmit.

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