What separates a legendary rock band that plays in sold-out stadiums from a one-hit wonder warbling at the local fair? According to Peter Krainik, writing in Forbes, one difference—besides the obvious (fame and fortune)—is that successful bands are dedicated to both playing what the audience wants to hear and sharing new works.

That kind of balance is crucial to the long-term success of musicians—and businesses—Krainik writes in his article, titled "Eight Things Brands and CMOs Can Learn From Rock Bands."

Here are three of the things he says rock bands can teach content marketers.

Remember that every song is part of a greater work. The songs on a rock album tend not to be standalone pieces but a part of an overall theme. Likewise, your content needs to be attached to something bigger than itself. All the content you produce—blog posts, tweets, Facebook contests, whitepapers, videos, and podcasts—must be a part of a unified marketing approach.

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