Websites are great ways to relay lots of information—and that's a blessing and a curse, as business sites pack in as much about themselves, their products, their customers, their services, as they possibly can.

Against that daily data barrage, the use of imagery can pay off big, KISSmetrics tells us in a recent post at its site.

Here are some of its tips for using images to meet website conversion goals.

Remember That Emotions Rule. Making a user feel a certain way compels action. Make customers feel happy, proud, or wanted by depicting gestures as simple as a smile or a knowing glance. Human Touch, a massage and wellness vendor, uses images on its site to give users a sense of the feelings they'll have upon receiving their products: joy, relaxation.

Try a Mascot. Mascots are memorable and emotional marketing tools. Email marketing service MailChimp personifies itself with a perky chimp in a mailman’s hat, adding personality and relatability to its services; Nestlé appeals to mothers and kids by using its blue bear Bo to market baby food.

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