Simple truth: You might create the best marketing videos around, but if you can't convince users to stop and click, your work is all for naught.

And although Web videos have become extremely popular, there are still countless potential viewers who choose not to watch them. (Just think: Someone could be ignoring your opus right now!)

According to the folks at the Rainmaker blog, one obstacle sits at the root of the problem: Unlike with text, potential viewers can't skim a video to decide whether they want to consider it more carefully.

So, to overcome that "initial objection," Rainmaker says that it's important to make the following points crystal clear on your introductory Web page:

  • What's covered in the video. A brief synopsis will serve to quickly "skim" the content for visitors.
  • How the viewer will benefit from watching it. "By listing at least one benefit, you're giving your viewers a compelling reason to click the play button," Rainmaker notes.
  • The video's length. Tell them the time commitment required to get that benefit.

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