If you're one of Gmail's 350 million users, you know how vigorously the service defends your inbox from unwanted email.

Obvious junk goes to the spam folder. But that's not all. In addition to legitimate email marketers, spammers send billions of messages to consumers every day, leading harried recipients with little to do in response but send everyone to “Report Spam” oblivion, Colleen Petitt notes in a post at Aprimo.

So how do you stay in Gmail's good graces—and its prioritized inbox? Petitt offers this advice:

Ask subscribers to mark your messages as not spam. "Google puts a premium on user input, and trusts their devoted Gmailers to tell them what they want to receive," she writes at the Aprimo blog. That not only ensures your messages reach your loyal subscriber's inbox; it also has a positive influence on deliverability to other inboxes.

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