Blogging seems like a no-brainer. But it's grueling work that may not immediately yield the results you want.

That's part of the reason why longtime blogger Mike Figliuolo has shared his list of tips for diversifying blog content, increasing content shareability, and using tools to maximize output (and profit).

A bit of manna for you:

Entertain first, engage second, sell third. Nobody likes a boring blog, so glam up your topic of interest. Include fun facts (infographics opportunity!), and good business advice. Create more relatable approaches to your industry: Compare it to superheroes! Rappers! Bands! Users understand you also have to sell; just ensure the occasional "selling" post (be it for a book, a new product, a service) maintains that approachable attitude and makes its value clear.

Welcome guest bloggers. You've only got one perspective, so make your blog bigger than yourself. Bring in other writers, even clever ones who disagree with you! (But make sure the parameters for posting are clear to them.)

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