"If you check your subscriber lists, you'll probably find contacts lingering who should have been dealt with long ago," says Denise Keller in an article at MarketingProfs.

"Instead of sitting in limbo, uncertain whether to save or dump email addresses, you need to decide which contacts you should keep and which ones you should trash," Keller notes.

In other words, it's time make up or break up. And here are some tactics to use to see if your relationship is meant to be:
The Survey. If subscribers haven't interacted with other types of email, a survey might grab their interest. People like to know their opinion will shape future messaging and offers. As an added bonus, a survey provides valuable feedback that improves the targeting of future campaigns.

The Special Offer.
A simple discount isn't enough. Provide an offer that is "specifically designed to appeal to your subscribers' demographics, geography, and past behavior with your brand," advises Keller. Give them something that renews excitement about your brand. Local residents might, for instance, appreciate free tickets to a special event.

The Cut-Off. If other attempts to re-engage subscribers fail, send a message that spells it out: Unless they click to reconfirm interest in your content and offers, they will no longer receive them.

The Po!nt: If you can't reel 'em in, cut 'em loose. A big list is nice to have, but inactive subscribers contribute nothing to your bottom line—and they might even hurt deliverability rates.

Source: MarketingProfs.

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