In a post at the Servant of Chaos blog, Gavin Heaton says those who aren't sure how to get "viral" could learn a thing or two from Stride Gum, which took notice of the following Matt Harding had gained with his "Dancing Matt" videos. If you recall, they showed him doing a jig in various destinations around the globe.

The company liked what it saw and—seeing the opportunity to build on an existing viral phenom—sponsored a pair of trips Harding took to 42 countries. The video embedded at Heaton's blog shows the results, and he says it works because:

  • The video demonstrates how powerfully we are connected to each other, and how we want to belong.
  • It stokes our curiosity and our desire to learn.
  • It takes us on an adventure with simple, visual storytelling.
  • It makes us yelp with delight and surprise.

Most critically, Stride Gum doesn't overwhelm the video with evidence of its sponsorship. "While they could have plastered their logo throughout the clips, provided T-shirts to participants etc, they are content with what is effectively a post-roll credit," says Heaton. "This allows us, as viewers, to be drawn into the story and into the experience."

If you're like us, though, you'll be transfixed by the beauty of that experience, and when you see the Stride Gum logo at the video's conclusion, it still has a remarkable impact. That's pure Marketing Inspiration.

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