Unless you happen to be Mel Brooks, the idea of using Adolph Hitler as a comic foil would sound like a bad idea. And—at first—you might not approve of this video posted at the Fallon Planning blog. But as you read the phony subtitles composed for a scene borrowed from a German-language movie, you might find yourself laughing at the angst of a despot who wants to share the heartache he feels on the news that a car struck and killed his dog Blondi. (Achtung: It includes a few four-letter words.)

An emotional Hitler confesses, "You know … I loved that dog. I need to tweet this."

And a General responds, with serious trepidation: "Twitter has been down since last night. Apparently Robert Scoble overloaded the servers."

Then, after clearing the room of those who "think they're too cool to use Twitter," Hitler launches into a frustrated tirade. "I have 2,000 followers who need to know every minute detail of my life! How else am I supposed to convey my sadness to so many people simultaneously?"

It doesn't matter that the premise for this monologue is a technical failure, or that the video pokes merciless fun at narcissistic users—rather, it reflects how indispensable Twitter has become to people who had never even heard of it a year ago. Your Marketing Inspiration is to create such passion for your product or service that customers can't imagine life without it.

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