Over 50 percent of music downloaders consider iTunes the best fee-based digital music service. And a growing legion of iTunes users are implementing Coverflow, which lets you scroll through a music collection by album art, for aesthetic purposes. Millennials may be a generation obsessed with instant gratification, but music remains much more meaningful when you've got album art to scroll through (casually, at a high-visibility café table).

So, what's this mean for marketers? You can reach young prospects in a whole new way. Tap into the genres your MP3 demo is into. Broaden their horizons by giving them cool tracks to download, then augment that sensory experience with seriously enviable track art.

If you're working with indie artists, and they want their own art on the tracks, all is not lost. Just label the song's "Album Title" with your brand or campaign name. Every time a Coverflow user listens to your track, he'll see your brand message—right beneath the album art.

Examples: When you listen to "My Drive Thru," which is a free download on Converse.com, you see the words "Converse Century" just below a slick album cover.  And when you listen to "Old Home Movies" by the Botticellis, you see: "Get Free Music at RCRD LBL.com."

The average young consumer's response? They're happy when they see these brands, because they're listening to great tracks.

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