In a post at her Conversation Agent blog, Valeria Maltoni praises a fun YouTube video created by EA Sports as a response to one posted by a gamer called Levinator 25, who discovered an unexpected, and likely unintended, feature in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08. Dubbed "Jesus Shot," his brief, narrated video shows the game's eponymous character as he walks on water to take his next swing from the middle of a lake.

Some of us might argue that this is an entirely realistic scenario—we're talking about Tiger Woods, after all. And, indeed, the EA response opens with a clip of the customer video and this written message: "You seem to think your Jesus Shot video was a glitch in the game." It then cuts to video of the actual Tiger Woods retrieving a ball from a pond ... by walking on water.

Aside from showing a sense of humor, the EA video works, says Maltoni, because it:

Prioritizes interaction. There's no reason you can't participate in a conversation about your company. Responding to questions or offering clarification is a great way to let customers know you're paying attention.

Builds on existing content. "Show them you are [listening] and then take the conversation to the next level."

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