If you don't use A/B-split testing to analyze the results of your email campaigns, you probably aren't getting the full picture. According to a whitepaper from L-Soft, "Results can show how your newsletters or email campaigns are performing, why they are performing as they are, and what factors are affecting their performance."

Here are the top five reasons L-Soft offers for incorporating A/B-split testing into your data gathering mix. Doing splits will help you:

  1. Determine which content has more appeal. You might find, for instance, that a message containing images and prices generates more interest than one omitting prices.
  2. Discover which "from" line carries more weight. Are subscribers more likely to open an email from your company or from a well-known person at your company?
  3. Analyze the effectiveness of frequency. Says L-Soft, "A local theater can reduce no-shows by using data from its split test of sending reminders to patrons … three days versus one day prior to the performance."
  4. Fine-tune segments. Learn whether general campaigns or specialized messages work best for your audience.
  5. Drill down into various components. You could figure out, for example, if including customer ratings in your copy works as well as linking to reviews at your website.

The Po!nt: Stretch—and do that split. It will pay off. "With just a little effort," concludes L-Soft, "you can increase the effectiveness of your messages and get the responses that you are looking for."

Source: L-Soft. Download the whitepaper here.

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