OK, you're supposed to be in-the-know about Social Media and B-to-B outreach. You can define "mashup," and report how it can best serve your clients, in 25 words or less, right? Yeah. Thought so.

Here's a short list of terms, from a recent E-Commerce Times article, that might help. Hide it in your desk, for the next time the boss approaches with a question:

Mashups. "A mashup brings together multiple sources of data and creates a single application, often created as a Web service," Columbus says. Think Twitly, which helps arrange Twitter followers into a group, or Twitzu, which helps manage events: you send out invites, and then clients respond to you via Twitter.

RSS. Really Simple Syndication. An approach to syndicating content from Web sites, blogs and social networking sites to be read in RSS readers. "This is a must-have for any company website or blog," Columbus says, "as it allows people to track current news via their RSS Feeds."

Tags. Simplistic technology that gives users the flexibility of bookmarking specific Web pages and sites of interest. "This is the basis of the approaches used by Digg and del.icio.us for reporting popularity of specific blog posts and Web pages."

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