As it becomes easier than ever to produce and distribute online videos, you probably see how the medium can serve as a key marketing tool. And in a guest post at HubSpot's Inbound Internet Marketing Blog, Eric Guerin explains how to give your DIY efforts the competitive edge:

Start with a plan. Don't approach the project haphazardly—treat it like a traditional marketing campaign, and remember to track your video's effectiveness with tools like TubeMogul.

Hit 'em with your best shot. Says Guerin, "A sales video without a hook … will be watched once and forgotten but a video with a hook that captures the viewers' emotions can get passed on endlessly."

You only get three minutes. The longer your video lasts, the less viral it becomes. Guerin recommends a target length of between one and three minutes for maximum effectiveness. "If you have a ton of ideas," he says, "make a series of short videos instead of one long one."

Strut your stuff. A catchy title and description will encourage numerous views, as will accurate "tags"—the keywords viewers and search engines use to find content.

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