You spend most of your day trying to be creative, but do you ever stop to ask yourself what creativity is? With a white board, a few markers and a techno soundtrack, Tate Linden uses the written word to express and modify his thoughts on the subject. And because it's shown in fast-forward—the video checks in at under one minute—viewers get a sense of his mental process in real time.

After posting the question, "What Is Creativity?" at the top of the board, Linden gives his first answer:

  • It is the drive to do things differently.

He changes the statement to read:

  • It is the freedom to do things differently.

Then he runs through a series of serious and half-serious suggestions:

  • It is the freedom to embrace your ADD, to change your mind, to be meaningless, to be meaningful.

And finally, he arrives at a conclusion:

  • It is freedom.

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