If you dropped everything and followed the leader every time a social media tool went live, you'd never have time to do real work. Right? Not this time. Chin up: the social media gods have smiled upon you. While your rivals fought for the title of Early Adopter—taxing both their tech teams and marketing departments—you waited. For this:

Meet LiveBar, a ridiculously easy way to bring social media to you. LiveBar turns your website into a live-blogging, video-streaming, bells-and-whistles haven without your team having to start from scratch. You won't even need to allot extra space to it. A subtle black bar rests seductively at the bottom of your webpage. When users click on it, a translucent overlay rises above your content and displays real-time discussions, comments, blog posts and videos.

Once you've deployed it, media junkies can visit any page, click on the bar, and only see discussions relevant to what they're reading. And while anyone can see what's been posted, they'll have to join your community in order to contribute.

EXAMPLE: A&E is using the technology for its Mothers & Daughters in Hollywood Special. After watching the show, users can visit the site and blog a critique on LiveBar. Brief, Twitter-style comments can also be shot back-and-forth between community members. A&E can also add featured content, like actor interviews or special videos.

The Po!nt: Social media savvy doesn't have to hurt. Tools like LiveBar help you cut down on implementation time while giving users a truly dynamic experience.

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