When we say "viral marketing" you know exactly what we mean. The question isn't whether to integrate viral elements into your marketing mix, but rather how—and to what degree. But when a profession-specific concept becomes so commonplace so quickly, it's easy to forget that your colleagues and clients might not fully understand how it works.

If decision-makers don't get what you're trying to do, you'll probably encounter obstacles on the path to buy-in. But tools like this video from VM People might ease the process by framing viral marketing in an easily accessible context: word of mouth.

"Let's assume you make your living selling soap," reads the text as playful classical music plays in the background. "How would you tell people to buy your soap?" It then presents the option of going door-to-door, ringing doorbells and attempting to convince people that they need your soap. "Disadvantage: The more you want to sell, the more you have to walk."

The narrative focus then turns to other methods like billboards, television ads and direct mail—each of which, the video argues, is pricey and doesn't carry the same weight as a personal recommendation. "Suggestion," it continues. "What if you'd mainly concentrate on the advocates you already have and let them do the talking?" When this happens, it argues, your customers are doing your walking for you.

The lighthearted video provides you with a great platform from which to explain how viral components gives these advocates the tools they need to spread the word most effectively—and that's Marketing Inspiration.

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