We're suckers for any video series that takes an entertaining approach to informative content like the weekly podcasts from HubSpot TV, hosted by the extremely likeable duo of Karen Rubin and Mike Volpe.

This episode opens with viewer mail. The first question asks whether a company should add a Twitter feed to its Web site. While the HubSpot co-hosts agree that it's a good idea, generally speaking, Karen Rubin offers this caveat: "If you have a Twitter name that you use for both your business and your personal life, then you might not want to do it." It's good advice.

Another query comes from an artist who uses feathers as a canvas for her paintings. In a scenario that's sure to break any marketer's heart, images of her work went viral without a shred of identification—no name, no URL and no contact information. She wants to know how to capitalize on the email frenzy despite the frustrating anonymity. Rubin and Volpe recommend the quick implementation of a pay-per-click strategy with search terms people will likely use when they want to learn more about the artwork, e.g. painted feathers. "It's going to be … a little bit pricey," says Volpe, but it should yield results.

This edition of the podcast also features a discussion of current headlines and the value of branding yourself. "In a bad economy," they sum up, "it's important that you manage you start managing your personal brand online now, before it becomes necessary to find a new job."

The show broadcasts live each Friday afternoon from the inbound marketer's Boston headquarters, but can also be viewed at the HubSpot blog and downloaded from iTunes. And who doesn't appreciate a regular shot of Marketing Inspiration.

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