Last week, we offered tips to help you determine your authentic corporate voice. Now that you've collected some cool insights, here's our second set of tips, to help you in your final phase of daring to go viral.

Think hard on the data you've collected, and imagine scenarios where you can put your product's best foot forward without overstepping the realm of who it is. Need help? Of course you do. Again: talk to your target demo.

Develop improv scenarios. Feel free to be daring, to throw ideas out on your blog or on Twitter. Listen to the feedback you get. Chances are, some will excite you. And chances are, your project will engage the ongoing interest of others. Keep those "others" apprised of your ongoing progress.

Publish video drafts of your concepts. Here's the awesome thing about Web 2.0: It's OK if strangers see your work in progress. The secret to transparency is showing people you're not afraid to try.

Share your final product with the world at large, and credit those that helped you. Plenty of blogs will be interested in a campaign whose trajectory involved the consumer from Day 1. Crediting "volunteers" is also a handy way to personalize the brand for others and build a flock of potential evangelists.

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