In search, you have a very short window of opportunity for engaging your prospect. The key to ensure you get seen through that tiny window: give searchers exactly what they're looking for. One way of doing this, says Medium Blue's CEO Scott Buresh in a MarketingProfs article, is to use your company differentiators in the key phrases that prospects target.

"As more and more companies turn to organic search to gain a competitive advantage … it can be increasingly difficult to achieve high rankings for the generic terms that everyone in your industry is pursuing," says Buresh. Hence, the need for differentiating keywords.

For example, he suggests that, rather than using the general term "email marketing" to define your firm, use more specific phrases like "business-to-business email marketing" and "Web-based email marketing." "Suddenly, two objectives have been achieved," says Buresh. The provider has narrowed the audience down to the most interested, and has reduced the competitiveness of the phrase, leading to faster, higher rankings.

The other piece of the equation is to use modifiers like "affordable," "high-end," "proven" or "turnkey." Just be sure these are accurate in differentiating your products or services from your competitors.

By using differentiators, you'll be "setting the table for your prospect, before he or she even clicks over to your Web site," concludes Buresh.

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