Your e-newsletter is an excellent tool for maintaining customer relationships. But it can also generate income if you offer cool ad space in it.  In a recent article at MarketingProfs, Drew Adams explains how to make it more appealing to select advertisers:

Make it relevant. Adams offers an example: "For a newsletter whose content is focused around music lovers," he explains, "it makes sense to target advertisers selling products or services within that vertical."

Keep your list squeaky clean. "Advertisers are drawn to email marketing because they can immediately calculate ROI," notes Adams. "A scrubbed list produces higher open, click-thru, and conversion rates."

Pay attention to design. "Effective e-newsletter layouts can dramatically increase response rates," he says. And that's what your advertisers want to see.

"Newsletters offer a different dynamic than other traditional advertising mediums we've tested in the past," says Clint Schaff, senior director of marketing and communications for the music-oriented social community JamsBio. "Subscribers have opted-in: they're interested in the content, they want the information, and they want to hear about similar offers from advertising partners like us."

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