In last week's installment, we offered step-by-step tips to get you tweeting on Twitter. This week, we offer a few more advanced steps to take, based on Jim Sterne's advice in a MarketingProfs article. Incorporate these into your tweeting habits, and you'll be well on the way to becoming a Twitter Master.

Tweet deep deals. Once you've built up followers on Twitter, treat them like the special folks they are! Draw more eyes and raise traffic for online sales by lavishing your followers with the occasional discount-ridden window of opportunity. Don't stop there; add value by live-tweeting feedback from industry events to keep them in the know.

Calculate Your Twitter Success with Broad Strokes. Your "following : number of followers" ratio shouldn't be your only measure of success. Also consider how often you're re-tweeted, and what people say to you (in @ messages and Direct Messages). The number of replies to you (@s) is a powerful indication of your Twitter influences.

Keep abreast of trends. Twitter's real-time search feature is a handy way of making sure you're the first to know what's happening in your industry sphere. (Services like TweetGrid or Twilert can auto-search multiple keywords and send you email alerts when they come up.) Also, major labels like Omniture have begun incorporating Twitter data into their analytics, making it easier than ever to track marketing efforts on this fast-moving medium.

The Po!nt: All hail the master! Use these tips to get past the Twitter basics. Tweeting like a master could give your business wings!

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