There’s almost nothing worse than sending out an email offer, only to realize a foolish typo or error evaded your eagle eye. It happens to the best of us. And Kelly Lorenz, writing at the Bronto blog, recommends a plan of action that includes steps like:

Stopping the send. If you catch the error before an email goes to your entire list, you can fix the problem before broadcasting to the rest of your recipients.

Determining if a correction is needed. According to Lorenz, a relatively minor mistake—for instance, a misspelled word or a broken image—doesn’t require follow-up. You will want to clarify an error, however, if it has an impact on your business—say, an incorrect telephone number or an HTML issue that rendered your message unreadable.

If you do send a correction, Lorenz offers these pointers:

  • Do it as quickly as possible—time is of the essence.
  • Make the purpose of the second email clear by using the original subject line with the phrase “Correction to…”
  • Place the correction in the pre-header, in bold type.
  • Copy the original email content below, for those who open only the corrected version.

“[B]e sure to put a plan in place so that you are prepared when the next [email] mistake happens,” Lorenz advises.

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