While most of the email you send contains stand-alone content, it's worth considering an ongoing campaign that engages your customers with multiple messages. "A series of emails is a great opportunity to build top-of-mind awareness and recall for your brand," says Keri Palasz in a post at the Listrak email marketing blog. Here's some of her advice:

Let subscribers know the email is part of a series. "You may state [clearly] that this is the first of several messages," she says, "or use visual cues like a list that is not complete or that has certain items presented with a different font treatment."

Tell them a story. As the series progresses, be sure each message follows a clear path that leads to a logical conclusion. Along the way, include teasers that "build excitement and create interest."

Respect their preferences. If recipients aren't interested in the first message, they probably won't care to receive numbers two, three and four. So give them the ability to opt out of the series without unsubscribing from your list.

"Always keep your eye on both relevancy and frequency when planning an email marketing campaign that will consist of a series of emails instead of a one-off deploy," Palasz concludes.

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