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When putting together your event-marketing plan, you should be considering that not all events are in-person. Webinars continue to gain popularity in B2B marketing as a winning tactic. Two-thirds of US B2B marketers consider webinars an effective content marketing tactic, a survey from Webmarketing123 (now DemandWave) found. And even with major declines in consumer attention spans, particularly online, webinar attendance, engagement, and audience interaction continue to increase.

Simply put, webinar marketing builds trust with your audience. And as prospects move through the buyer's journey, trust is a huge factor in determining whether they will buy your products or services. There are several key benefits to hosting a webinar, but here are a few that stand out:

  • Generating new leads
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Building trust with your audience
  • Establishing your thought leadership in the industry
  • Moving the right customers to the next stage of the buyer's journey

Webinars aren't just beneficial when they're viewed live: 68% of respondents in a DemandGen study said webinars are among the top content that B2B buyers are most likely to share with colleagues. To get people sharing, you must have valuable webinar content and strong delivery.

There are three key steps to a successful webinar:

  1. Planning
  2. Promoting
  3. Executing

An overall goal for conducting a webinar should be to provide value to your target audience with a captivating topic and a great speaker. However, missing the mark on the three main steps could mean a major decrease in ROI for your efforts. This video from Salesfusion's Marketing Minutes Video Series provides an overview of the three main steps and a few quick tips for each when you're creating your next successful webinar.

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Cassie Nelson is marketing revenue manager at Salesfusion, a leading marketing automation provider to small and medium-sized businesses.

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