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Do you really need much of the research coming out of the big internet research companies? Companies spend millions of dollars each year buying research from all the vendors of information. We bet most of the time companies buy it just to feel better, not for the insights they provide.

Here, we will tell you about new research that we believe is pretty useless - that is, you knew the "insights" they provided anyway.

Date: September 2000
Source: Nielsen/Netratings

Stated Insight: Women and men differ in the Web sites they visit.

According to audience measurement service Nielsen//NetRatings, the top sites with the largest proportion of women ages 18-plus were shopping, home and health related.

The top destination for women in July at home with more than 500,000 unique visitors was Spiegel Inc. with a composition of 79 percent women. Approximately 675,000 of its 860,000 unique visitors were women.

About 73 percent of No. 2's 1.4 million unique visitors, or 1 million users, were women. Rounding out the top three was Martha Stewart Online whose 600,000 women made up 73 percent of its audience of 818,000.

Top non-adult sites with the largest proportion of men ages 18-plus with more than 500,000 unique visitors at home in July were finance, sports and software related. Leading the way was Credit Card Billing whose 654,000 male surfers made up 79 percent of its 833,000 audience.

Approximately 588,000 or 73 percent of Sporting News' 811,000 visitors were men. Egghead's audience was made up of 69 percent men, with 749,000 out of 1.1 million visitors being men.

Why This Isn't Interesting! Magazines, television, radio, and just about every other medium already knew that men and women tend to be interested in different sorts of information. For example, on average, men tend to like more sports than women. Would you need to spend a bunch of money with a research company to tell you this? Save your money.

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