Is microblogging the latest fad or the next big thing? Microblogging is just like regular blogging, except it's limited to 140 characters. The leader in the space is Twitter.

According to a recent blog post by Peter Kim, Twitter is now used by 6% of American online adults. That sounds about right to me, although Twitter power user Robert Scoble thinks the figure is "way too high." But if you want to reach an affluent, well-educated, early adopter audience, there might not be a better communication channel out there.

To get a better sense of this emerging social media tool, we assembled a micro-panel to discuss it: Jeremiah Owyang, a senior analyst on social computing at Forrester Research and a fan of Twitter, and David Berkowitz, director of emerging media at 360i, who is skeptical about Twitter's application to business. We hope you enjoy the lively debate!

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Coming up next will be another "Prof-cast": "Pay-per-Click: Boom or Bust?" It features Alan Rimm-Kaufman, who leads the Rimm-Kaufman Group and is a fan of pay-per-click, and Steve Rubel, senior vice-president at Edelman, who is skeptical about its future.

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