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Ah, the simplicity and magic of marketing automation to drive the lead-to-revenue process:

Step 1: Insert contact information in the database via form fill submission.

Step 2: Automatically send email to contact every X days for X days.

Step 3: Automatically pass to a salesperson to call and close once contact opens or clicks on X emails.

Voilà! Done deal. Closed the sale.

If only it worked that way. Unfortunately, more times than not, it doesn't.

Though it's easy to get excited about technology and the promise of marketing and sales transformation, here's the reality: 85% of companies that have adopted marketing automation don't use the full potential of their investment, according to the BtoB 2013 Marketing Automation Study.

The primary reason? Lack of content.

A Shift in Focus

Marketing automation is simply a collection of code designed to automate specific tasks that allow users to track and communicate with prospects at any given time in the buying cycle.

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Peter Baron is principal of Carabiner Communications, where he acts as a senior-level consultant, offering advice to clients on product positioning and harnessing the latest market trends. He is also a lead contributor to The Connector blog. Reach him via info@carabinerpr.com.

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