Collecting contact details from website visitors is crucial for any business. When your visitors give you their contact details, it's the first yes on a "yes ladder" to eventually becoming your paying customers.

Here are examples of 10 proven tactics to increase newsletter subscriptions.

1. Header Bar

This section is prominent, and it can be made to float down with navigation so it's always there. Adding a countdown to create sense of urgency and combining it with a good value proposition can serve as subscription booster. To add such a toolbar to your website use HelloBar, ManyContacts, or similar solutions.

Here's a great example from Quicksprout:

Why does it work?

  • The color of the toolbar differs from the overall design's color palette, so it is noticeable.
  • Its value proposition is to share free knowledge about how a well-known brand (TechCrunch) has increased its traffic—and visitors would like know about the tactics that industry leaders use.

2. Pop-Up Notice When Users Go to Close the Website Window

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Aleksander Czyz is CEO of Attensee, eye-tracking software that lets you assess website layouts in terms of goals completion to select the best-performing versions.

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