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With 60 million visitors and over 130 million pageviews per month, SlideShare is one of the world's most powerful B2B sites.

Business executives use SlideShare at a rate that's five times greater than their rate of use for other social networks, comScore reports.

Repurposing your content for SlideShare is easy and helps you to get more mileage out of an existing investment.

Using content you already have also lets you focus on structure and format instead of on generating entirely new material.

What It Is

SlideShare is a slide hosting service. Users can upload and create slide decks from their PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. Files are uploaded, creating slide decks on the site. The decks can then be shared not only with colleagues but also with the wider SlideShare audience, as well as embedded in blogs and other websites.

Choosing the Right Content

Review your content assets to decide what you can repurpose into a SlideShare deck. Look for content that meets these criteria:

  • Leads with a problem. Fast Company blogger David Brier suggests picking a sacred cow in your industry and demonstrating why it's a problem. He also suggests choosing a major industry trend and how it could affect certain businesses. Lead with the problem by spelling it out on your title slide and summarizing it in your introductory slides.
  • Offers a solution that isn't all "you." Shameless self-promotion doesn't perform well on SlideShare. Instead, discuss a strategy, method, or approach that you'd use to solve the problem you've introduced.
  • Breaks down easily into nuggets. SlideShare presentations tend to consist of 10-30 slides, and one slide contains about 24 words, on average. Choose a content piece that can easily be summarized in an outline.

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