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How do you feel about your blogging strategy?

If you just sighed, you wouldn't be the first marketer to do so. For most of us, creating high-quality, engaging content is a chore. It's something that we must do regularly to maintain relevant website traffic, to keep leads coming in, to nurture opportunities—oh, and to keep search rank up.

In fact, you likely have your next pieces of content planned, proofed, and ready to post—and crossed off this month's list.

But wait.

What if, rather than thinking of your blog as a chore on a to-do list, it's better to think of it as a savings account, with each post a long-term, growing investment that generates traffic and relevant leads.

Compounding Blog Posts as a Long-Term Traffic Investment

When you publish a blog post, typically you'll see traffic volume do one of two things over time:

  1. It will level off after publication/promotion, and slowly decline; that's a decaying blog post.
  2. Or, traffic can go the other way, with visits continuing to increase beyond initial publication traffic; you guessed it, that's a compounding post.

Only 1 in 10 posts is typically a compounding post, but can account for around 38% of total blog traffic, research has found. Clearly, creating compounding posts is the way to make the most of traffic and lead generation potential of a blog in the longer term.

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image of Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones is head of content at Strategic Internet Consulting, a full-service inbound marketing agency helping businesses achieve B2B lead generation, nurture, and sales goals.

Twitter: @LucyJones_SIC

LinkedIn: Lucy Jones