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Mark Zuckerberg said at the end of 2015 that we would be in the "Golden Age of Video" for some five years. So... it's not over yet, and business owners' and marketers' growing access to video will only further the shift in our social feeds in 2017.

We should also expect to see changes in the way users engage with content on social channels; an influx of new media formats, including 360-degree video, live video, and virtual reality; and new marketing tactics as brands experiment with these new formats. Finally, we'll also start to see more automated ads and personalized ads targeting our screens as such new technologies make their way into the hands of more and more marketers.

Here are seven predictions for the social media and video marketing landscape in 2017.

1. Every marketer will need to have a video strategy

Many businesses recognize that they need a marketing strategy, which often includes a social media presence. However, as the focus and functionality of social media platforms change, so should marketing plans. Today, that means more video, and lots of it. With users constantly refreshing their news feeds, marketers will need to consistently post branded video content that stands out and engages users. And that requires a video strategy.

2. Automated video ads will become prevalent

Technology has had transformative effects on the advertising industry, both in targeting and marketing content; now, it is transforming the way ads are created.

To make it easier for app developers to promote their products, Google launched automated video ads that automatically pull images, descriptions, and ratings from the app store and add music to create a quick promotional video. There are also new social video creation platforms (like my company's Promo) that allow SMBs and marketers to create hundreds of personalized videos in a matter of minutes, with minimal resources. We'll be seeing many more such automated video ads in 2017.

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image of Tom More

Tom More is the CEO and founder of social video creation platform Slidely, which he launched in 2012.

LinkedIn: Tom More