As with most undertakings, before you begin writing or otherwise creating content, you should ask yourself some stock questions: why, what, when, and where—the 4Ws of content creation.

And because creating marketing content is as much science as it is art, the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal is data.

So, before you start working on your next piece of content, consider the 4Ws. Also keep in mind how you can use data to resolve the concerns you should be addressing with each question.

1. Why write/create content

In marketing, visibility is key. After you develop a product or service that addresses a gap in the market, how do you reach your target audience?

Say, for instance, you are a pet-care startup in Houston. When a pet owner googles "dog-grooming Houston" and your website or blog does not come up in search results, you need to worry. You need to get the word out, and to do that you need content.

Your website or blog must remain active and fresh. Search engines rank pages with fresher and dynamic content higher. That doesn't mean you must continually create new content; updating older content is viewed as staying fresh in the eyes of Google.

Apart from SEO reasons, content can help present your brand as if it were a person with a voice customers can relate to. Want to see what the content of a relatable brand looks like? Just follow Innocent Drinks on Facebook.

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Lux Narayan is the CEO and a co-founder of social media analytics firm Unmetric.

LinkedIn: Lakshmanan (Lux) Narayan