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The Five Most Important Digital Marketing Skills for 2017

by Gianna Scorsone  |  
February 10, 2017

As marketing technologies, channels, and platforms evolve, the skill sets of digital marketing professionals must evolve as well if businesses are to be able to successfully execute digital marketing strategies in 2017.

Does your marketing team have the most important skills it needs for continued success and enhanced efforts?

To identify potential talent gaps you'll need to hire for, check out the following top 5 digital marketing skills.

1. Data Analysis

Arguably the most important skill in digital marketing in 2017 and beyond is data analysis.

Thanks to the growing importance and the abundance of customer data (which will only grow more abundant as a result of the Internet of Things), digital marketing professionals must feel at home with measurement, metrics, and the analysis of data.

Data-analysis skills allow marketers to answer the most important question: "Is this working?" Which results in more effective and targeted marketing campaigns, enhanced customer personas, improved customization capabilities, reduced bounce rates, and higher customer retention, among numerous other benefits.

Simply put, if businesses want their digital marketing teams to be effective and successful and to generate more leads in 2017, they must hire digital marketing professionals highly proficient in data analysis.

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Gianna Scorsone is the VP of sales operations and marketing for Mondo, a digital marketing and technology resourcing provider.

LinkedIn: Gianna Scorsone

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  • by Ford Kanzler Fri Feb 10, 2017 via web

    "Content marketing" is most definitely NOT a "recent" phenomenon. Its been employed since the early 20th Century by PR pros in support of marketing programs and long been referred to as Publicity. Just inventing a new term for something doesn't make it new. Be real.
    For more on this from others go to:

  • by Andrew Eklund - Ciceron Fri Feb 10, 2017 via web

    I'm surprised not to see any mention of advanced targeting and programmatic across all channels. But that's cool.

  • by Audrey D. Sun Feb 12, 2017 via web

    This article is very informative and does a great job at explaining what areas of marketing are most important to achieving successful results in your company. Specifically, I think there point about data analytics is the most interesting. Marketing can be viewed as a very broad term that tends to lack a specific skill set. When you think of marketing you usually think about the large displays in stores and colorful advertisements. You initially think about the visual aspect of marketing, but forget about all the other parts. Marketing does require a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box, but none of that is ever going to be useful if you can not prove that it is effective. I think that marketing and data analysis go hand in hand with one another because you can not only create a super unique and fresh marketing strategy, but then you can utilize data analytics to provide evidence that it is working in specific areas. Data analysis helps fine-tune your marketing efforts by providing numbers and quantifiable data that measures the success of your marketing plans. I expect that in a few years data analytics will be high in demand because it gives a definitive yes or no as to whether your marketing strategies are working and shows you areas that need improvement. I find this area of marketing to be particularly interesting because it shows that marketing is not one giant game of fancy displays and ads, but that there is a science within marketing.

  • by Itamar Gero Tue Feb 21, 2017 via web

    Yes! It would be difficult to overstate how important data analysis has become in digital marketing! Campaigns can be as targeted as ever if the marketer leverages the data available. Specifically, Social media provides the opportunity to target a person based on interest or behavior. Understanding and quantifying this is important for successful social media campaigns.

    Makes me wonder how this list looked a few years ago and how it will look a few years from now.

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