I recently met up with Dr. Simon Moore, a respected business and consumer psychologist who specializes in brand experience.

He is a master of unearthing the reasons consumers behave the way they do, and using those insights to help brands improve engagement.

I wanted to understand what it was that made case studies so useful in sales and marketing, and suspected that the answers lay in psychology.

I wasn't disappointed.

It turns out that effective sales and marketing is all about understanding the underlying emotional drivers of buyer behavior. And, when applied, those insights can help supercharge content.

This is what I learned.

How to Craft a More Compelling Case Study

For children across the world, stories are an integral—and, more important—enjoyable part of their bedtime ritual. So, it's not surprising that we are conditioned to like stories.

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Alex Moscow is the owner of 9mm Public Relations, a boutique communications consultancy that helps B2B businesses build profile, pipeline, and profit. Check out its case study audit tool.

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