The new year is already in full swing. You've got vendors to manage, campaigns to push through creative, and end-of-month reports to run. But as the first months of 2017 come to a close, you feel a sense of anxiety.

The annual plan you created last quarter already feels out of date. Facebook Live is gaining more traction, and you didn't include it in the plan. You've recently read marketing predictions that say your website will fade into Internet oblivion if it takes more than two seconds to load in 2017—and website speed wasn't even on your radar!

How on earth are you supposed to plan for an entire year of marketing when the technology and platforms are changing at the speed of light?

The answer is simple: You can't.

The Traditional Annual Marketing Planning Is Dead

The Internet and technology have radically changed your customers' expectations for interacting with your organization. And the pace of changes won't slow... New, innovative platforms and technology will continue to emerge.

What does that mean? It means traditional planning, starting in August and mapping out every detail of your annual plan, doesn't cut it anymore. Your marketing plan must be a living, breathing entity that can adapt and evolve.

To win, you need to get comfortable constantly nurturing and adapting your plan throughout the year.

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image of Lauren Davenport

Lauren Davenport is CEO of The Symphony Agency, a marketing and technology consulting firm.

LinkedIn: Lauren Davenport

Twitter: @lfdavenport