Marketing videos create awareness. But then what? What do viewers actually do after they click the "Play" button?

If you want to know a lot more about your customers and your videos, get them interacting with each other. It's easier than you think, and you'll get data... while your customers and prospects get a personalized experience.

Interactive Web Video: A New Kind of Personalized User Experience

Nearly all online marketing videos provide an impersonal user experience that captures little data beyond whether someone viewed the video. That's about to change.

No clicks means no data. Source: HapYak data
based on 13.35 million interactive video views.

Interactive video, which allows viewers to direct the flow by clicking on-screen objects, was specialist technology until recently. It didn't scale. It didn't work on iPhones. Now it's HTML5 and works in a browser. That's instant scalability. With the release of Apple's iOS X, it works on iOS devices. That's big.

Why is interactive video such a big opportunity? Instead of one-way passive communication, you can now provide customers with what are, essentially, video Web apps. Users have control. They can choose their own path and jump to the topics they are interested in. They can give you feedback within the video itself. They can learn on their own, in the bite-size chunks e-learning experts recommend.

As viewers make choices, they will also be generating data that tells marketers how specific leads and prospects engage and interact. That's data you can send to your CRM or sales and marketing automation systems and analytics tools to guide further interaction.

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image of Bruce McKenzie

Bruce McKenzie is a principal at 2-Minute Explainer and founding partner of Business Information Graphics. He is a B2B video expert who creates explainer videos that increase sales and shorten the selling cycle. He has created videos for IBM, Oracle, Compuware, BMC, TIBCO, and others.

LinkedIn: Bruce McKenzie