If you've decided that your business needs a digital asset management (DAM) system to take over from your old, complex legacy systems, demonstrating business value may be fairly easy, considering the problems those older systems pose with compatibility, integration, security, or lack of functionality. If existing systems no longer meet the company's requirements, that's your obvious starting point.

If you've never had any comparable tools before, your job may be harder, especially if budgets are tight, but it could be an easy win if you can effectively demonstrate the benefits of using DAM.

Whatever situation you may be in, one thing's for certain: You'll need buy-in from your key decision-makers and those in charge of the budget. Creating a solid business case or proposal will be invaluable, and here's how you can do just that.

How do I demonstrate the business value of DAM?

To begin, ask two questions:

  1. "What will we use DAM for?"
  2. "What functionality is necessary for that?"

Understanding what you will use DAM for will help you define the business requirements, which could be simply to manage your image library in an easily searchable database for the sole use of marketing and other promotions. Or it could be to manage and edit video content for training and learning purposes in the HR department. Or it could be a more business-wide objective, such as maximizing efficiency of business processes through collaboration, workflow, and systems integration. Whether it'll be used by one department or the entire business, it's important to note in your proposal.

If you're making the case to move on from legacy systems, the best place to start is by making a list of key current problems.

That list alone may help you identify some requirements for a new system, as it'll highlight what you can't do right now. Your list might include lack of integration with your CMS and the inability to access your files remotely. It might include having to use several applications to be able to share images.

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Jenny Ridge is head of marketing at Third Light Ltd., provider of digital media libraries. She specializes in digital marketing and marketing software.

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