A good content workflow makes your publishing process a lot more effective. This article will outline ways you can organize the work of your content team and create a workflow that simplifies content production and distribution.

Defining your target audience from the get-go makes for a good content strategy. A clear vision on your readership can help in creating a matching writing style, and it determines your content's substance as well.

Your strategy will include, at a minimum, important keywords, a description of the buyer personas you are targeting, and tips on content distribution.

Once you've planned your strategy, you'll need people to implement it.

Start by building a team, and help each team member understand the goals of your strategy. Also explain the steps and tasks involved in the publication process.

In that process, to ensure an effective workflow, you'll need to watch out for approval chains, which get out of control when responsibilities are not defined.

You might get around the chain reaction of approvals for your content if you're a small-scale operation, but it becomes more and more crucial to avoid them at larger corporations with complex mechanisms for communication.

The more time is spent going back and forth with making changes and approving content, the less time you'll have to actually create it. In the end, your readers will suffer, as will your content, reputation, and the business itself.

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